Joseph Dirk, Pharmacist

Joseph Dirk has pride in the fact that he is a local boy. Born in Leader and raised on a farm near Liebenthal along with his nine siblings, Joseph attended high school in Leader during the 80s and received his Pharmacy degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1990.

Being a young entrepreneur, he purchased Barnes Drugstore in Eatonia in 1990 and was actively involved in the community, even serving on town council. Unfortunately, due to the closure of the hospital and the doctor leaving, Joseph made the decision the leave Eatonia in the fall of 1997. Gordon and Michele Stueck were there to help with the transition of patient files and have offered the citizens of Eatonia prescription services and daily delivery ever since, for which Joseph has always been grateful.

Next came Moose Jaw where Joseph teamed up with a local doctor and built a new pharmacy housed within a medical clinic directly across from the hospital. In 2007, Joseph made the decision to sell and work as a manager. In 2014, when this opportunity arose in Leader, moving back to his roots seemed too good to be true.

“My father was from Liebenthal, my mother from Fox valley, I played sports throughout the area, attended school in Liebenthal and Leader and had the drugstore in Eatonia. When I started in Leader in early September 2014, every day has been exciting  for me as I reconnect with friends, neighbors and relatives. The reception has been wonderful and I look forward to serving the community.”